How to protect yourself against hacking?

Hacking is a common practice in the computer world. As soon as you have an account, you can fall victim to it and the consequences are often serious. However, there are simple tips to protect yourself against hacking. In this article, we give some of them.

The password

To log in to your various accounts, you necessarily need to have a password which is like the key that allows you to open the door to your house. For your security, it is important to have a password that only you know and that is almost impossible to imagine. If you use your name, date of birth or those of your family members, you make it easier for hackers to get at you. To have a viable password that will keep you safe from hackers, you need to stay away from things that people could easily guess. This is why it is advisable to alternate upper and lower case characters; to use numbers and letters and even symbols. It is just as well to change your password regularly. But in order to have a very secure password, do not create a password that you cannot control. If you still have trouble remembering your password, you can use a password manager to store all your data.

Securing your account

When creating your account, there is some key information that you are asked for. Please take the trouble to read and fill them in with as few personal details as possible. If you are given the opportunity to manage your privacy settings, you should do so. It is recommended that you hide personal and sensitive information that could facilitate any fraudulent maneuver on your account.

Beware of phishing practices and use antivirus software

Hackers are very clever and regularly invent new techniques to achieve their goals. You may receive emails with a subject line related to your account. They will make you believe that your account has a problem. This is just a technique to get your personal data. The same goes for some fake links that are sent to you to redirect you to software that will allow access to your personal data. These links are also computer viruses. As soon as you click on them, your device is automatically attacked. This is why it is advisable to have reliable and regularly updated antivirus software. It can detect viruses and stop attacks on you.