There are more and more applications for Android that make your life easier in your different daily tasks. Apart from the applications that are installed by default on your phone, there are some very useful applications that you need to download in order to use your smartphone efficiently. In this article, we will tell you about three of them that are necessary for Android.

Adobe Photoshop Express

What Android smartphone user wouldn't like to have beautiful images and photos in their phone? One of the most well known if not the most well known software for photo editing is undoubtedly Adobe Photoshop Express. The application, which is now available on Android, allows you to retouch your images and photos with great ease. All the features needed to rework a photo and make it your own are available on this application. From cropping to resizing, rotation and eye correction, everything is there. Thanks to this application, you have the possibility of acting on the luminosity, the sharpness and other. Adobe Photoshop Express also allows you to add text to personalize your image or photo.


Got your Android smartphone and looking for an app to organize and plan your daily activities? Experience Evernote, and like millions of users, you won't be disappointed. Evernote is one of the best apps in its category for a reason. This is because this application has features that set it above the rest. With Evernote, users can enjoy fast, intuitive note taking on any device. There are a multitude of note-taking formats on this application, such as text, drawings, audio, video, photos, etc. The use of this software as a diary is as easy as it is effective. You can schedule your various appointments with great ease. Like many applications, Evernote is free and the premium version is also available.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Everyone likes to have a lot of ease when they type on their keyboard. And for that, Android smartphone users are constantly looking for smart keyboards. In this respect, by far the best performing smart keyboard for Android is SwiftKey Keyboard. In keystroke prediction, this virtual keyboard is unbeatable. Also, with the user's permission, the application analyzes his or her various messages, texts and SMS to list regularly used words in order to improve the prediction. Even emojis and frequently used personal languages are taken into account. This virtual keyboard can be customized by the user to suit their taste. And to make it even more convenient, SwiftKey Keyboard can translate messages sent and received in over 60 languages, thanks to Google Translate.