There are nowadays software and applications capable of identifying people, objects, voice recordings, actions captured in a video or even in an image. These are effective tools that also allow you to get the right information and avoid falling into fake news. If you are looking for image recognition software, read this article.

Google Image Recognition

It is unanimously agreed that when it comes to image recognition software, Google Image Recognition comes out on top. This software allows you to search any image online. It is as easy to use as the Google search engine. With this revolutionary tool, you have all the information about the image you are looking for. You also have information about all the objects in the image. Apart from all this, Google Image Recognition shows you all the sites on which this image has been published or even similar images. Whether it is images retrieved from the internet or taken from your phone, search is possible on this app.

Logo Grab

When it comes to image recognition LogoGrab is no slouch. It is much more popular with companies, which can use it to carry out marketing actions in the direction of their consumers. It is a software that specializes in detecting and analyzing the presence of brands in the vast universe of the web. LogoGrab is much more suited to the needs of technology companies and advertising agencies. It facilitates and accentuates their presence on the various social networks.

Amazon Recognition

Since its inception, Amazon has continued to progress. The technological prowess that has come out of this firm speaks for itself. Following the Google Image Recognition software set up by Google, the giant Amazon was not long in following the trend. Amazon Rekognition was thus born. What makes the software released by Amazon particularly effective is that it can recognise text, activities and scenes in an image or video. Amazon has been even more precise in equipping its application with facial recognition technology that allows it to act on the different faces in a photo. Amazon Rekognition gives you the ability to analyze multiple images and videos simultaneously. Without a doubt, it is one of the best image recognition software.