Some tips for displaying a smartphone screen on a PC

In order to work more easily or for some other reason, you want to display your phone screen on your PC but you don't know how to do it. However, there are a number of techniques for doing this. If you have this kind of problem, this article is for you. You will find simple methods to do it.

Setting up your Windows terminal

The first step you need to take before you can display your phone screen on your PC is to configure your various terminals. It is important to check whether your Windows terminal has version 1607. To find out, simply type the word "system" in the taskbar. On the various icons that appear on your screen, you will see "System Information" to your left. Clicking on this will give you all the information you need about the version of the operating system you have. There are several versions and not all of them are capable of doing the maneuver you want. If you find that the version is higher than version1607, then you can upgrade.

Connecting your devices to the same network

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection for your PC and smartphone, you need to ensure that both devices have the same connection. So take care to connect both the PC and the smartphone to the same box. This step, which is not at all complicated, will allow you to avoid possible problems later in the process.

Activating the connection on your PC and smartphone

Wi-Fi should always be the connection source for both devices. Connecting your PC and smartphone should always be done separately. To connect your PC, simply go to the taskbar and type "connect", after this step you will see a tab with the same "connect" label. By clicking on this tab, the connection will be established on your PC. After you have finished connecting your PC, you now need to proceed with the configuration and connection of your smartphone. The configuration of your phone consists of going into the settings to the "wireless networks" section. By clicking on "more" you will see a tab on your phone screen with several modes, namely airplane mode, Bluetooth. By clicking on Bluetooth, you will see your desktop. You are at the end of the process. Now click on Desktop followed by the name of your PC. If you have followed all the steps carefully, your smartphone screen should appear on your PC. So this is a fairly simple method to experiment with.

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