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Here’s How to Manage a Website for Beginners

Did you know that managing a website does not necessarily just keep the website accessible or just extended every year. There is a need to manage websites that are specialized so that the website can compete in search engines.

Through this article, I try to explain to you about how to manage a website for beginners. For beginners, of course, it needs a lot of understanding so that the management you do can produce or achieve the goals you want. Either the destination is the number of visits on each page or the purchase of products that you offer on your website.

Before going on to the section on how to manage a website for beginners, I will explain some important things for you to understand, especially about how search engines work in general. Why do you need to learn this? This is because every management that you do on your website, will always be related to search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The better the position of the page in the search results from the search engine, it will indicate that your management has succeeded or is right.

The simple process of search engines in performing search results is starting from the indexing process. The indexing process begins with the registration process from the website owner. So if you want to be indexed by search engines, then you have to register your website to the search engine you want. You will be given a verification code from the search engine to install on your website.

Write relevant content with your web goals
When you decide to create a website, you also have to decide what content will be displayed on the website. Try the content that you publish is related to each other.

The purpose of this content linkage is to maintain the topic of discussion and suitability of target users. For example, if your website promotes fashion, then the topics you publish should be around fashion, with users visiting your website getting information that is relevant and at the same time you can freely promote your products.

Managing content is not easy, especially if you are in a beginner position. You need to read a lot and practice strategies in how to make articles on the website to be friendly with search engines and interesting to read.

Based on my experience, at the beginning you will feel a little difficult in creating content that is related to each other. But over time and the number of articles relevant to the topic of the website, then you can easily associate your new article with the previous article.

To make things easier, you can use Search Console (Web Master Tools) or Google Analytics to search for language titles or topics that might be used as new publication material for you. You can take advantage of the search queries presented in the Search Console or Google Analytics as new management materials in the form of improvements in published articles or materials in creating new articles.

The most important and often become things that are accustomed to the beginner website manager is publishing articles that are the result of copy from other websites. This is not very good for your website. Search engines like Google really like original content and are relevant to what users are looking for. And if you do this, I suggest a better way to recycle articles that have previously been published.

The method is very simple, but for those who are not familiar, it will feel a little difficult to do. Especially for those of you who have been enjoying the instant, this method may require a little more habituation for you.

Insert interesting pictures and videos
After you understand how to manage website content, the basic things you need to understand (especially beginners) are related to the benefits of the images and videos that you paste.

With pictures or videos, the purpose or purpose contained in your article will be confirmed or clarified (in this case if the images and videos that you insert are relevant to the content). This can have a positive impact on you, because what you convey can be quickly understood so that your goals can be achieved more easily.

If the image or video you inserted is a product promotion, try to make it as attractive as possible. Usually people prefer to see the cover before seeing the contents. If your cover is good and attractive, the hope of being clicked and visited will be even greater.